With a respect to our past and forefathers, Casa Ponte Dei Viari was appointed its name based on documented historical facts when looking back at 17th Century maps of the Venetian city of Chania (by Oddi, Nanni, Coronelli and more.)

These maps marked the existence of an arched stone bridge connecting the old Castello with Daskalogianni Street and Splantzia square outside the eastern gate of Kasteli. Furthermore, old photographs in conjunction with these maps, depicted the existence of this bridge and its remains even after the German bombings of 1941.

The Venetian family of Viari, famous and wealthy in the area of Venetian Chania known for their opulent gardens and gorgeous villa, were known to be the benefactors and sponsors of the bridges restoration in times when it needed aid. In honor of this family and their contribution to the city, the bridge was named Ponte Dei Viari and thus we in term offered our honor to them by naming our Venetian home, who’s proximity to the bridge was very close, the same.

Casa Ponte Dei Viari is between70-100 meters from Splantzia Square and this historical bridge, hence its historical significance as a building erected in the 17th Century.