When in Crete do as the Cretans! Below is a list of our favorite spots and activities in town, all within walking distance of Casa Ponte Dei Viari. Walk, explore, and discover this beautiful city that you will have at your fingertips! Below is a sample of our perfect 24 hrs in Chania.

Bougatsa Iordanis

Get your day off to the best start with a wholesome and decadent breakfast at the infamous “Iourdanis” cafe in the center of town. A crunchy and decadent sweet cheese filled pastry topped with cinnamon and sugar is their specialty and not to miss. It’s a sure favorite of the locals.

Chania Market

Venture of into the sunny morning, through the Chania Market with its stands of fresh local produce, down to the old town with a stroll to the old Venetian harbor – a bustling center with little cobble alleys and the magnificent Venetian Lighthouse. You will be tempted to stop for a coffee at the hip and trendy “Pallas” – a place to be seen in the town for a morning or midday cup. This spot offers the perfect view right across the lighthouse and whole harbor as you can watch the tourists and locals walk by getting on with their day!

The Church of Agios Nikolaos

Before stopping however for a coffee make sure not to miss the church of Agios Nikolaos after the municipal market. Located east of Splatzia Square of the old city of Chania, the church was built before 1320, during the Venetian Period, as monastery of Dominican Order. During the Venetian period it constituted the most important church of the city.

The Venetian Harbor and Lighthouse

Take a leisurely stroll to perhaps the most photographed lighthouse of all time at the Venetian Harbor of Chania. Picturesque and beautiful, the harbor offers a wonderful opportunity to stroll and take in the bustling and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island.

Maritime Museum of Crete

Whilst at the harbor to the left lies the Maritime Museum of Crete housing shipping artifacts from the Bronze Age to Roman times. The museum also has a well-stocked library containing Greek and foreign exhibits with a nautical theme.

Shopping at Xamam and the cobbled alleys

Take some time out before lunch to indulge in a bit of clothes shopping at Xamam. Situated in a wonderful domed 17th century building browse the lovely collections of acclaimed

Greek fashion designers and pick up pieces rarely found elsewhere for that perfect boho “island look”. Jewelry more of your thing? Browse the many quaint and quirky jewelry stalls in the pebble cobble streets of the harbor. You will be sure to pick up rare pieces by local artists.

Lunch at Tamam

As the road has now led you into the heart of the Venetian center, stop for some genuinely good “mezedes” (small plates) at “Tamam” for lunch. The old Turkish hamam (public baths) hosts one of the most popular restaurants in the old town of Chania. “Tamam” plunges you into the cuisine of Constantinople with a list of 72 spectacular dishes. Very friendly service and a great selection of wines.

Stroll around or take a tour on the sightseeing bus!

With a lazy afternoon ahead of you after lunch, head of to the other end of the harbor where you will encounter the Archaeological Museum of Chania, a museum located in the former Venetian Monastery of Saint Francis at 25 Chalidon Street offering viewers a glimpse back into an ancient past with rare artifacts from the Minoan & Roman finds from the Chania area. Why not even take a bus ride with the local Chania Sightseeing tour bus where you can hop on and off in areas and places of interest as you wish!

Dinner at “Semiramis”

As the sun starts coming down and the hazy, sweet summer night takes over step back to the old harbor to watch the perfect sunset as the amber colours change the hue of all the Venetian buildings. You should have by now worked up a fierce appetite, to visit the lovely and charming “Semiramis” in the cobbled streets of the old town. Enjoy traditional and tasty Cretan dishes for dinner and marvel at the courtyard in which the restaurant is!

After dinner drinks at the old Venetian harbor

One could not leave town without a cool crisp drink into the early hours of the summer morning where Chania town really gets lively after dark. Enjoy an array of bars and cafes at the old harbor of Chania opposite the grand Venetian Lighthouse and enjoy watching the people pass by